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Code Policies

  • Unless otherwise noted, all code policies set forth in the Microsoft Guidelines for Library Developers are adhered to.
  • All type members are sorted first by kind, in the following order:
  • Constructors
  • Events
  • Fields
  • Indexers
  • Methods
  • Properties
  • Types
  • Members are then sorted by access:
  • Private
  • Internal
  • Protected
  • Protected Internal
  • Public
  • Regions are used to divide members. Each region encloses a kind of member and an access. So all protected methods would be enclosed in a region called "Methods - Protected"
  • Each type must be located in it's own file, which must share the name of the type.
  • Namespaces after the assembly's are represented as folders. E.g. "Memories.BattleUI.Controls.BIMessageDialog" is in the "Memories.BattleUI" assembly, so the path to the file containing that type would be "/Memories.BattleUI/Controls/BIMessageDialog.cs". This keeps everything nice and neat.

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