Work In Progress

  • This page will be updated with more information and pictures about the state of development progress on Memories.

BattleInterface (previously "BattleUI")

BattleInterface has been updated quite a bit and also has in-browser support:


I recently began implementing Memories.BattleUI which is a winforms control library featuring controls that render like the ones from the original Battle Isle 3 game.
So far:


Finally! I've gotten unit support mostly implemented, heres an example:

Scaling, Panning, and Navigation

I've now implemented basic support for scaling, panning, and navigation using the keyboard. Attached are examples of map view at the 3 scales; Small, Medium, and Large.

Basic map display

The following two pictures demonstrate the MapInterface control and how it displays a map. Also demonstrated is the "tilesets" feature of the Memories game data system, the same map was edited to use two different tilesets (the temperate and tropical, respectively) for the purpose of taking these screenshots (normally the map uses the temperate tileset, and is the first map of the Battle Isle 3 campaign, "The Pretorians").


Note the red area with "E" is the error material, and means that either the terrain info has not been created for those tiles, or that the materials referenced for those tiles is missing.

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